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24. 05

Documents and Color

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If I want to know when to use italics, there are an abundance of resources that will tell me the rules of grammer or for any particular formal style. The same applies for underlining or bolding text.

But what about highlighting? Or different colored text?

There are a lot of good reasons to use color. Primary to those of us in education is the fact that color conveys information. More information in the same amount of space is a very good thing.

But very few labs, worksheets, handouts, books or even websites that I come across use color to convey information. We’ve all grown so used to the limitations of a a 19th century printing press that we have just accepted them as reality. (not an uncommon problem)

I should commit to a plan to increase the amount of color used in handouts and labs next year, but as I mentioned above I’m not even 100% sure of the best way to use it. And just saying that I will use some artificial number of colors on each document seems…well…a little artificial. I wish someone smarter than me would add color to The Elements of Style and be done with it.

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