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3. 08

HOWTO: Downgrade a Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5315 to Windows 7

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For Christmas my brother and I got our mother a Toshiba Satellite laptop. Like any new machine it came with Windows 8 and like any sane person my mother hated it. Being the wonderful son that I am I offered to install Windows 7 for her while I was home this summer. This was a mistake.

I assumed that it would just entail popping a Windows 7 DVD into the drive and downloading a few drivers from the manufacturer. And it would, if Toshiba didn’t deliberately make it difficult to get Win7 drivers for their new laptops. Oh, they have the drivers, the graphics and USB controllers and WiFi adapters are all exactly the same as on the Win7 laptops they were making a year earlier. But they won’t let you download the drivers for a model that comes with Windows 8 installed. ¬†Toshiba is lucky I can’t punch a company in the face.

I did get it to work by following the instructions here:


With the following caveats:

  1. I had to fix the SM Bus Controller last (otherwise the computer would not restart)
  2. I had to fix the LAN controller using this file.
I’m not going to be another person to predict the end of Microsoft, but if you have to force users into your latest product by bullying manufacturers into making it impossible to downgrade that is not a good sign for your future.




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